Manufactured Housing

The Gibbs Law Firm, APC, is uniquely qualified to assist park owners, residents, cities and non-profit corporations in their quest for the conversion, purchase, sale or financing of a mobilehome park. On some early projects, the firm teamed with others to arrange conversions. In subsequent conversions, the firm elected to accomplish its conversions and other activities as the team leader and employed other people and entities to assist in converting parks to resident ownership.

As a result of this firm’s efforts, more than 30 parks have been converted and the residents now own the parks. The form of conversion has ranged from a mutual benefit, non-profit corporation purchase of the entire park to a full subdivision of the park where individual lots are sold. The firm has also converted parks at virtually every point between those two approaches.

The Gibbs Law Firm, APC, has acted as an advisor to cities, non-profit public benefit corporations, investor park owners and residents in successful conversions. The firm has also encountered some parks that could not be completed because of the many problems experienced with sellers or buyers who were not ready or so inflexible that the price made no sense.

The firm has been called upon to fix conversions that were either not completed, or that were completed and poorly managed or poorly financed.

As a part of every conversion, the firm looks for people to serve on the resident purchase committee, and later on the homeowners association board of directors. Training those individuals is an integral part of the firm’s efforts. A purchase can be accomplished and still have problems if there is not an adequate board of directors in the park. The firm provides the training and assists the residents in their search for a proper management company.

Together with the management company, the firm works with the residents to find an accountant or CPA, depending upon the needs of the park and the residents.

Although the firm does provide, where requested, continuing services that are legal in nature, it also provides access to other firms, should that be necessary.

In the process of conversion, purchase and sale or assisting or advising the various parties to the transaction, The Gibbs Law Firm, APC, has been able to select and introduce financing sources for a multitude of purchases. The firm has obtained bridge loans, conventional financing, loans for park purchase and individual loans for purchase of lots or condominium interests. The firm has also been involved in the acquisition of city, county and state financing for various parks.

Representative List of Mobilehome Park Conversions

Date Closed: Park Name: Spaces:
1984 Purchase1986 Condo Rancho Del Avion
San Juan Capistrano, CaliforniaAudrey Copeland, PresidentTony Gregory, Owner
1986 The Groves
Irvine, CaliforniaBud Harvey, PresidentBruce Nott, Owner
1986 Sherwood
Lake Salinas, California
Don Ambur, President
1987 – 1997 Refinanceof park Western Hills Estates
Chino Hills, CaliforniaCharlie Wells, PresidentWest End Investment, OwnerAid Association for Lutherans,


1988 Grandview
Lomita, CaliforniaJim Dewey, PresidentKnickerbocker and Associates, Owner
1988 Maze Stone Village
Hemet, CaliforniaBruce Algar, PresidentLong Beach Equities, Inc., Owner
1989 Lake Jennings
Lakeside, CaliforniaFrank Burger, PresidentClayton,Williams & Sherwood, Owners
1989 Nu-Way
Carson, CaliforniaJohn Habbick, PresidentKnickerbockerand Associates, Owner
1989 Monarch Pines
Pacific Grove, CaliforniaJack Selbig, PresidentMonarch Pines, Ltd., Owner
1990 Baldwin Hills
Culver City, CaliforniaGregory Harrington, PresidentVorelco, Owner
1990 Coulter Pines
Idylwild, CaliforniaChuck Ellis, President
1992 Arbor Trailer Park
Carpenteria, CaliforniaPaul Cochet, PresidentJim Free, Owner
1992 Shorecliffs Mobilehome Park
San Clemente, CaliforniaBen Hetherington, PresidentDel Prado Co., Owner
1992 Date Palm Mobile Home Park
Indio, CaliforniaAlberto Zepeda, PresidentJoe Thornburg, Owner
1994 San Marcos View Estates
San Marcos, CaliforniaPaul Malone, PresidentCity of San Marcos,Redevelopment Agency, Owner
1993-1994 Condo ConversionCompleted for theOwners Ojai Villa
Ojai, CaliforniaGeorge Tamayo andDon Henderson, Owners
1994-1996 & 1997 Refinance Kimberly Gardens Mobilehome Park
Lake Forest, CaliforniaPaul Wisner, PresidentMr. Balen andMr. Subkowski, Owners

Manufacture Housing Community

Bank, Lender

1997 * Condo Conversion Warner Springs Estates
Warner Springs, CaliforniaBillie Renee, PresidentGoldrich and Kest, Owners
1997-2000 **PUD Cedarhill Mobile Estates
Fullerton, CaliforniaContinental MobileHousing, Ltd., OwnerMyron Reichert and Howard

Brigham, Partners

2002-2010 PUD Windward Village Mobile Home Park
Long Beach, CaliforniaContinental MobileHousing, Ltd., OwnerMyron Reichert and Howard

Brigham, Partners


*Acted as counsel for residents.

**This park was fully subdivided and individual lots purchased by residents. This was the first such planned development conversion.