Gerald R. Gibbs, RETIRED

Our founder, Gerald R. Gibbs is retired from the practice of law as of January 31, 2013. Mr. Gibbs is no longer available for representation of clients in legal matters.

Gerald R. Gibbs has had an extensive background in business and real estate. His clients have ranged from start-up businesses to mature business entities with extensive assets and liabilities. In addition to representing for profit business entities, Mr. Gibbs has extensive experience with non-profit entities which own and operate multi-million dollar properties. As counsel for both profit and non-profit entities, he has extensive experience in the financing, purchase and sale of multi-million dollar properties.

Mr. Gibbs has a comprehensive engineering and business background. He was the Director of Contracts for McDonnell Douglas Aerospace division prior to entering into private practice in 1974. Mr. Gibbs, in addition to his trial practice, has significant experience in municipal law relative to real property matters. Mr. Gibbs regularly appears before planning commissions, city councils, county board of supervisors and the California Coastal Commission.

Mr. Gibbs is the President and Chief Executive Officer of The Associates Group for Affordable Housing, Inc., (“TAG”) a non-profit corporation dedicated to the continued availability of affordable housing. In addition, he has appeared before a number of legislative bodies to testify regarding California housing and in particular, low-cost housing for the low and moderate income households of this State. Mr. Gibbs also works with national and local real estate and management organizations to provide information to their members regarding housing needs and related real estate matters. Mr. Gibbs is a past president of the San Clemente Chamber of Commerce, and a past president of the Board of Directors of Laura’s House, a not-for-profit domestic violence shelter and advocacy program. Mr. Gibbs has also acted as a director of numerous other non-profit organizations in the local community.