GLF Fire Map 1

GLF Fire Map

After I’m sure what was a firestorm (please excuse the un-intended pun) of calls, emails and correspondence from the Manufactured Housing industry on the proposed Emergency Regulations proposed by HCD (see “It Just Keeps Getting Tougher Every Day . . .“), the Department of Housing and Community Development has withdrawn its request of the Office of Administrative Law to implement the new Regulations on an emergency basis. The Department has issued an advisory notice to affected parties, however, that it does intend “to reissue the proposed emergency action at a later date.” The Department also cautions Manufacturers, Wholesalers, Dealers and Consumers that until a State-wide preemptive regulation is adopted, any local government which has adopted an ordinance applicable to parks pursuant to Health & Safety Code Section 18691, or has adopted Chapter 7A of the California Building Code to be applicable outside of parks, may impose the new exterior fire resistive construction standards on Manufactured Homes installed within a Fire Hazard Safety Zone.

With any luck, the Department has withdrawn the proposed emergency regulations to first address the economic impact they would have on existing manufactured home inventory, and will re-submit them after a fair compromise has been reached. CMHI is working with the Department on these regulations, and will hopefully reach a compromise fair to all concerned.

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