Why Should A Resident Owned Cooperative Subdivide?

This article is being prepared as a result of a number of recent inquiries from residents in corporate mobile home parks that we have converted to resident ownership.

The question, although phrased differently depending upon the park and the residents’ choice of language, can be easily phrased as . . .

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Windward Village Conversion Portal Is Up & Running

The Windward Village Conversion Portal is up and running now. For our latest manufactured home conversion project, the Windward Village in Long Beach, CA we have created a resident portal on the internet for them to review draft documents, to communicate information . . .

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Resident Purchase Methods – A Primer on Approaches to Conversion Pt. IV [Planned Unit Development (or Full Subdivision) Conversion]

There is some confusion surrounding the “subdivision” of a mobile home park.

A subdivision can take several forms, which include a cooperative (approved by the State and local agencies). This form of cooperative excludes the limited equity cooperative and the mutual benefit non-profit conversion which is often referred to as a cooperative . . .

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